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Certificate of Good Standing


Request for Certificate of Good Standing/Duplicate Admission Certificate

Attorneys admitted to the Bar of this Court may request a Certificate of Good Standing or Duplicate Admission Certificate on line. To do that, log into CM/ECF, go to the Utilities menu on the blue menu bar, click on the link as appropriate. You will directed to where you pay the $19 fee.

Please note that you must know your date of admission to this Court to make a request as described above. You may find that information by searching in the MA Federal Bar Search. Your federal bar number is the same as your State BBO number.

You may request a reissue of your CM/ECF Login and password here.

If you are not yet admitted to the bar for the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts, you must submit an application and a Certificate of Good Standing from the Massachusetts State Court (SJC). See LR 83.5.1.




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