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Pro Bono Opportunities

Every year, hundreds of indigent plaintiffs file their own civil lawsuits in the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts, seeking relief regarding a variety of matters, from prisoners’ claims about unconstitutional treatment by corrections authorities to individuals claiming discrimination in employment or housing.  In an appropriate case, the Court may grant an indigent party’s motion for the appointment of volunteer pro bono counsel. When that occurs, the appointment will be made from among those lawyers who have actively expressed an interest in providing pro bono representation in this Court.

Appointed counsel may apply for reimbursement of certain expenses in accordance with the Court’s Guidelines Governing the Reimbursement of Expenses in Pro Bono Cases.

An attorney interested in volunteering to be available to take pro bono appointments may fill out the registration form available through the link provided below and send it to one of the following pro bono coordinators:

Eastern Division:   Jeanette McGlamery  617-748-9559
Central Division: Robert Alba 508-929-9907
Western Division: Jared Olinski 413-785-6848

U.S. District Court Litigants - For more information see the Pro Se Litigants page about requesting pro bono representation



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