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2007 Archived Announcements

December 2007 CM/ECF Version 3.1.2 was installed on December 15th. Information and release notes are now available.
December 2007 Amended transcript rates effective 11/9/07
December 2007 Notice Re: CM/ECF Enhancements
June 2007 Criminal Justice Act Board announces application deadline for Boston, Worcester and Springfield CJA panels
May 2007 Notice regarding rates effective May 20, 2007: Implementation of hourly rate increases for criminal justice act panel attorneys.
March 2007 The United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts announces that wired Internet access now is available in all courtrooms of the J. J. Moakley United States Courthouse in Boston. Attorneys seeking to use the service in connection with legal proceedings must apply for judicial authorization and agree to the terms of use. For more information and appropriate request form, please see the Court's web site at
March 2007 Notes of the Jury Plan Committee and revised Jury Plan
January 2007 Notice Re: Proposed amendment to Local Rule 30.1

Archived Announcements

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