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2008 Archived Announcements

December 2008 Proposed modifications to the Jury Plan of the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts
December 2008 Notice Regarding Closing of the Court
December 2008 Notice Regarding LR 5.4 Mandatory Civil Case Opening and LR 67.4 Online Payment of Case Related Fees
November 2008 Notice Regarding Amendment to Schedule of Fines
November 2008 Notice Regarding New Local Rule 16.6 Concerning Scheduling & Procedures for patent cases
November 2008 Notice Regarding Case Compensation Maximums Under the Criminal Justice Act (CJA)
November 2008 Notice Regarding Amendment to Schedule of Fines
October 2008 Notice Regarding Internet Access
October 2008 Pro Bono Reimbursement Guidelines
October 2008 Notice of Proposed Reappointment - FPD Miriam Conrad
August 2008 Proposed Local Rule 16.1.P Concerning Scheduling & Procedures for patent cases
August 2008 Mileage Rate Increase Effective August 1, 2008
July 2008 Notice Re: New Springfield Courthouse
May 2008
Notice: Transcript Redaction Policy
March 2008
Notice Regarding Mileage and Interpreter Rates
March 2008
Standing Procedural Order Re: Motion for reduction in term of imprisonment as a result of amended guideline range(policy statement) U.S.S.G. §1B1.10, as amended effective March 3, 2008
January 2008
Notice regarding new CJA rates
January 2008
USMJ Utilization - Pilot Program

Archived Announcements

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