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2011 Archived Announcements

December 2011 General Order 11-06, Transcript Rates, Effective January 1, 2012
November 2011 Notice Re: Jury Evidence Recording System
October 2011 Public Notice Regarding The Cameras In The Courtroom Project
October 2011 The Judicial Conference of the United States authorized an increase in the Judiciary's electronic public access fee in response to increasing costs for maintaining and enhancing the electronic public access system. The increase in the electronic public access (EPA) fee, from $.08 to $.10 per page, will take effect on April 1, 2012.
October 2011 Notice Re: Approved changes to the District Court Miscellaneous Fee Schedule
October 2011 Public Notice: Proposed Amendments to Criminal Local Rules
September 2011 Public Notice: Amendments to Local Rules 83.3 & 83.3.2
May 2011 Press Release re: Speaker Series: Inventing Democratic Courts:Art, Architecture and Justice
August 2011 Public Notice Re: Amendment to Local Rule 40.1
August 2011 Notice: Criminal Justice Act Board Announces Application Deadline for CJA Boston, Worcester and Habeas Panels
August 2011 
Notice: The Judicial Conference Advisory Committees on Appellate, Bankruptcy, Civil, Criminal, and Evidence Rules have proposed amendments to their respective rules and requested that the proposals be circulated to the bench, bar, and public for comment. The proposed amendments, Rules Committee reports explaining the proposed changes, and other information are posted on the Judiciary’s Federal Rule making website at:
The public comment period ends on February 15, 2013.
June 2011 Notice Regarding National Criminal Justice Act (CJA) Voucher On-Line Reference Tool
June 2011 Public Notice: Amendment to Local Rule 67.2
June 2011 Public Notice: Proposed Amendments to Local Rules 83.3 & 83.3.2
April 2011 Impact of Possible Federal Government Shut Down
What Happens to Courts if the Federal Government Closes?
January 2011 Press Release Re: Appointment of Judge Casper
January 2011 Invitation To The Bar - Federal Court Pro Se Mediation Panel
January 2011 Orientation and training for Pro Se mediation Panel
January 2011 Notice Regarding Mileage Rate Change

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