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June 2018 General Order 18-3 Juror Attendance Fees
May 2018 Public notice regarding Local Rule16.6
May 2018 Public Notice: Law Clerk Hiring Plan
April 2018 Press Release: Magistrate Judge Boal Reappointment
January 2018 Amended Public Notice Revisions To Local Rule 16.6 Of The U. S. District Court
January 2018 Public Notice: Magistrate Judge Jennifer C. Boal Reappointment
December 2017 Public Notice CJA Billing
December 2017 Public Notice Revisions To Local Rule 16.6 Of The U. S. District Court
August 2017

Criminal Justice Act Board Announces Application Deadline for Boston and Worcester CJA Panels

Application period closes 9/29/17

August 2017 Magistrate Judge Vacancy Announcement CT-D
August 2017 Public Notice: September 28, 2017 hearing session of the United States Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation
June 2017 Public Notice Amendments To Local Rules Of The U. S. District Court
June 2017 Press Release: Chief Magistrate Judge David H. Hennessy
May 2017 Press Release: District Judge George O'Toole
April 2017 Notice of Proposed Reappointment of the Federal Public Defender for the United States District Court for the District of Maine
March 2017 Public Notice Re: Local Rule Amendments
Local Rule Amendments - Draft 3/7/17
January 2017 Notice: Proposed Reappointment Of Federal Public Defender Miriam Conrad

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